Appointments on Plum Street: Book One

Appointments on Plum Street is a series set across six worlds, three dimensions and multiple times zones. The first book, Rigel, starts the story as we see the young orphan Rigel on Earth, miserable and alone. Then one night his life is changed forever when a crew of airship pilots tear through the sky and offer to take him to another world.


On their journey they come across other children and Rigel finds that they are all at the centre of a legend thousands of years old … and he has no memory being part of it. The children are the Light Ones and the only hope of saving each planet against The Darkness.


The Darkness, trapped for so long in the Dark Realm, is beginning to stir and venture out from its prison, taking hold a world at a time, led by the malignant and cruel Frivlok.


It is left in the hands of the Light Ones to do everything in their power to stop it. But with limited experience, strength and cunning as a result of hundreds of years of hiding, how will they ever succeed against Frivlok and his Dark Parade?


appointments on plum street: book two

Frivlok walks abroad, spreading destruction and chaos to everything he touches. Seeking a way out of his prison, he plots an evil ceremony to transform the captured Light One, Zeph.

Meanwhile, Rigel and Rona begin their training and cross the unforgiving landscape of Endirin, searching desperately for the weapons they need to defeat Frivlok. They could be anything. Or anywhere. How will they succeed against an opponent hell-bent on their destruction?