I spent my childhood pretending to be someone else: Sweep the dog, Thomas the Tank Engine, Harry Potter, or Legolas and I never stopped drawing. As I got older I started to turn these drawings into comics, most of which were suspiciously similar to Star Wars.

Then at the age of 14 and after hours of frustration an idea came out of no-where about two friends at school who built up a secret base and went on adventures. This was a turning point as I suddenly had ideas that were original and not cheap copies of famous movies and books.

Around this time I was home-educated and my happiness and creativity increased more than I thought possible. Being taken out of school  was probably one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

Following this the ideas kept flowing. I wrote three books about two Englishmen in the 1940’s. In retrospect, these were not as good as I had hoped but proved to be a steep learning curve on how to write books. I then wrote a play about a Satanic campsite in Wales although this must have been too edgy for the theatres in London.

Rigel was one idea that did not come out of no-where. It took almost five years to develop into its final form. Which was okay by me as after looking back at the original idea, it was bad. It took a long time to bash into shape and the other books in the series were even worse but to date I have had the most fun creating this series.

I enjoy reading, drawing and the theater in my spare time. I also have a Facebook page and Instagram to keep connected.